Handmade Secret Diary Book Journals - Biannual Subscription

Handmade Secret Diary Book Journals - Biannual Subscription


Subscribe for a biannual shipment of your very own handmade secret diary book journals. Please be sure to fill out our short form to indicate your preferences upon checkout, so we can customize your journals for you.

Packages will ship in December and June. Receive your first hand-picked selection in the month you first sign up, with the next shipment to follow per our normal shipping schedule. 

Choose to subscribe to receive a unique upcycled handmade secret diary book journal from Stealth Journals twice a year. Each hardcover notebook secret diary book journal will blend in perfectly among your shelved hardcover book collections, making it virtually impossible for the casual observer or snooper to spot your secret diary at a mere glance! With no obvious lock and key mechanism, what could be a better disguise than hiding your secret confessions in plain sight?

As a subscriber, your pick will never be photographed or featured on any website. We will not keep records of what we've shipped to you - other than specifying color/paper selection (to try to avoid shipping you similar themed books), so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a truly secret diary!

The selections will always be upcycled books. They could be former library books, vintage books, or more modern titles. The process begins with in-person scouting to pick the perfect shell. Then, the hardcovers of the old books are preserved. You will have the option of whether or not you want us to try and retain the original contents for you as well. 

Paper selection could be premium heavy stock blank white paper; or text blocks with ruled or graph pages. All books will utilize premium self-seal envelopes for storage. Price reflects the inclusion of shipping cost.  


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