Progressive's Daily Log - Softcover Notebook

Progressive's Daily Log - Softcover Notebook


This journal is designed to help keep you focused on your daily goal of being a good Progressive. Use the daily log like a game board, and see if you are able to achieve a perfect score of 100 points every day!

To tally the daily Progressive’s scorecard:

0-25 points: Keep trying, Comrade. The Utopia we are seeking needs your fair share of effort. Your grade: A

26 - 50 points: We know that working your part-time barista job after waking up at noon takes a lot of your time. But rationing liberty is important, and we appreciate your efforts. Your grade: A

51 - 75 points: We see that you have remembered Che Guevara! Keep bashing the fash! Your grade: A

76 - 100 points: You make every Marxist professor proud. You will soon succeed in crushing the bourgeoisie, and will soon have us all living in poverty camps with food shortages and no toilet paper. This is excellent! Your grade for all of this work, you ask? Why, you get an “A” too. Everyone gets an “A” in Progressive Land, regardless of actual effort or results. Congratulations on making a world where we all live in equal poverty.

The index should be used to mark your memorable events. The last few pages have been pre-indexed for you. These bonus sections will help keep your monthly protests scheduled; keep track of your favorite safe spaces; identify monuments to tear down; books to be burned; and help you keep track of your favorite gender neutral pronouns so you can keep track of whether your friend Jennifer prefers now to be known as Xe or Xir. Don’t forget to keep track of people who are not paying their fair share of taxes!

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