Rise Executive Journals

Rise Executive Journals


Rise. The indexed journal for people who are going places. Travel. Write. Index. Buy Stealth Journals. Repeat. 

Rise. A journal inspired by the life of a professional pilot. You do not have to be a professional pilot or an aviation enthusiast to Rise. We do ask that you be committed to working on something, though. You have to be dreaming; thinking; and planning. Engaging in ideas and activities to be better. 

Rise is meant to be a celebration of the individual buyer's accomplishments and advancements. We believe in hard work and putting the time in, and we hope that you do too. Rise is for you. This is all about you. It is not for everyone.       

Rise embraces the values of striving for excellence and working hard to be better and stronger for yourself. For your own fulfillment and pleasure. No whiners or snowflakes need apply.  

One by one, each of us has to make a decision. Are you going to strive and continue doing productive things with your life?

The time is now. Will you Rise?


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Each indexed book journal features 186 ruled pages that are numbered for your ease of use. The numbered pages with an index will help keep you organized and make it easy to find your important entries. To really make your brain sing, we recommend that you use tabs and update your book journal’s index as necessary immediately after you have completed your morning journaling pages.  

The Story of “Rise”

Rise was designed by a husband and wife team. Robert ("Bob") is a Commercial Corporate Pilot. Jamie is an Author and Entrepreneur. But before and after, they are writers and travelers. When Jamie began traveling for her first book, she realized that she needed a ruled notebook that utilized pagination and an indexing system so she could quickly find her project notes and details about her trips.

Beyond the practical use of the hardcover ruled notebooks, Bob and Jamie believe in the magic and restorative process that only comes through travel and slowing down to think and put pen to paper. You have to be able to look back and study the development of your thoughts. The indexing system aids in reflection and planning throughout the year.

Jamie has often thought to herself: “I document, therefore I am.” They are almost superstitious in their reflection during the last week of every year, and their beginning of a new journal at New Year’s. What have you been doing all year? What are you going to do?

Bob and Jamie value their privacy, and they craved a line of notebooks that would resemble a hardcover book that could easily be shelved in your living room or sit on a table at a coffee house without screaming: “I am a personal journal and I contain private thoughts. Pick me up and snoop!” Stealth Journals are designed to help you maintain your privacy when keeping your personal notes.

Rise is the first in the series. It refers to aviation, but also to your personal development. Opportunities will present themselves. Rise.

In a time when everyone’s electronic data is subject to compromise, Stealth Journals is a company that is committed to providing you tools to maintain your privacy. Make records. Leave a legacy. Don’t live a disposable life. Travel. Write. Index. Buy Stealth Journals. Repeat.

Specs: 5.5" x 8.5," hardcover cloth binding, white interior paper (50# weight), black and white interior ink, 186 lined, indexed, and numbered pages. All Stealth Journals are manufactured in the United States.