Secret Diary Journal: The Business of Running a Library

Secret Diary Journal: The Business of Running a Library


Choose a unique upcycled handmade secret diary book journal from Stealth Journals when you want to operate in TOP SECRET STEALTH mode. Each hardcover notebook secret diary book journal will blend in perfectly among your shelved hardcover book collections, making it virtually impossible for the casual observer or snooper to spot your secret diary at a mere glance! With no obvious lock and key mechanism, what could be a better disguise than hiding your secret confessions in plain sight?

The process begins with in-person scouting to pick the perfect shell. Then, the hardcovers of the old books are preserved. Next, each handmade upcycled secret diary book journal is made with at least 80 white pages of premium 32-pound blank paper, bound by a signature page of 65-pound Kraft paper. This book features four signatures, with four premium blue envelopes secured at the end of each signature for storage space. The blank pages are perfect for those of you who enjoy sitting down to write your morning journaling pages with a bit of free association doodling or coloring thrown in! 

Stealth Journals are handmade hardcover notebooks made from upcycling old hardcover books. They can easily be shelved in your living room or sit on a table at a coffee house without screaming: “I am a personal journal and I contain private thoughts. Pick me up and snoop!” Stealth Journals are designed to help you maintain your privacy when keeping your personal notes.

In a time when everyone’s electronic data is subject to compromise, Stealth Journals is a company that is committed to providing you tools to maintain your privacy. Make records. Leave a legacy. Don’t live a disposable life.


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